Systems Technologies
A division of Pieper Electric, Inc.

Design, Engineer & Install



Audio Visual has changed, and is changing rapidly from an impressive feature to a strategic business change agent. Systems Techologies has the skills, knowledge and know-how to help your company harness the benefits of Audio Visual enhancements for your companies communication, marketing and bottom line.

Digital Signage

Systems Technologies uses Audio Visual digital mediums such as LCD monitors, LED, plasmas or projectors in order to provide you with a state-of-the-art digital signage solution that meets the needs of your target audience. Digital signage can be programmed with advertising and information, and is springing up everywhere from hotel lobbies, corporate offices, public places, retail and even transportation locations.

Background Music & Paging Systems

The Systems Technologies professionals provide design and installation of background music and paging systems for multiple businesses, commercial and educational offices. Whether it is soft lobby music or keeping you and your environment safe and up to date with what is going on around you, we use the latest product lines of speakers, intercom, and mass notification and emergency notification systems. We design and installation professionals install state-of-the-art music and paging systems based on the current needs of your environment.

Training Rooms & Auditoriums

The needs of auditoriums are always met and addressed when designed, engineered and installed by the professionals at Systems Technologies. From the ceiling-mounted loudspeakers all the way down to the minute fine-tuning of the sound system software, we strive to perfect the unique quality of aesthetics and sound projection each individual install expects.

Systems Technologies professionals install the latest in technologies for boardrooms, classrooms and training facilities. Utilizing state-of-the-art sound systems, video conferencing systems, retractable projector lifts mounted into the ceiling, electric screens and a unified remote control for the Audio Visual system, our professionals will bring your boardroom, classroom or training room to the next level.

Board & Conference Rooms